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Building a Content Management System is the perfect way to save money. Each of our web projects is assigned a project manager from our local office in Whittier, who will show you how to use the CMS to make any changes to your site.

The number one complaint we get when we consult with a new client is that their existing Webmaster does not get back to them in time and that they overcharge for updates. By developing a site with CMS, your employees can make changes as needed in a timely manner. No waiting and no miscellaneous fees.

Quote from Customer:

"What our whole executive management was impressed with was how well the design team of Global IT was able to take our image ideas and convey them perfectly into the design of our website.
We operate in a very competitive and contemporary market in Southern California with a clientele that has a keen eye for detail. Starting from the home page, the website Global IT designed for us immediately appeals to such standards.
The “content management system” that is also available through Global IT’s hosting services also allows us to personally go into the site and change or add any type of text and image content we’d like.
Overall, we’ve encountered nothing short of a very professional and exceptionally prompt service experience from Global IT. - Union Ice Los Angeles, Arctic Glacier Inc - Pete Degrandis
Global IT goes the distance to increase performance and power efficiency in its newest generation of Dell redundant blade servers. All hard drives are automatically backed up. All of our servers are energy efficient, not only securing your email and web accounts, but also your future.

With 1000 Mbps fiber connections and 99.9999% availability, we guarantee maximum uptime. Our web hosting services come with the highest level of 24/7 phone and email customer support.

Quote from Customer:

"My business is highly dependent on the efficient operation of our website and the ability to use our network to connect with our customers. Global IT's efforts in helping us create an efficient and cost effective website and network have been critical to our ongoing success." -Cory Ford, President www.cleancomedians.com

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Upon completion of your website with CMS, you hold the key to your success. When you purchase our website with CMS you will see no more added fees to update your site. You now have the freedom allow your website and your business to grow!