Be your own Webmaster

Easily manage and update your website without needing complex technologies. Our CMS (Content Management System) will allow you to handle your day-to-day website maintenance, such as: adds, changes, news, pictures, poll your visitors, manage your product catalog, get orders online, etc. You won't need an advanced PC or HTML knowledge. If you know Microsoft Word, then you can use our CMS.

All the websites, even most extravagant and advanced, have one basic feature in common: they all consist of pages, grouped into sections. The overall structure is shown in the site navigation.

Not all businesses can afford to have a full time webmaster to manage their website, including many businesses in Whittier. That is why our CMS package is so great for these local Whittier businesses because it allows them to make all the updates themselves without having to know how to write web code.

To update and develop your website, you should be able to add new pages, edit the current ones, create new site sections, change the links in the site navigation and create picture galleries. All these functions come standard and can be easily done with our CMS.

In addition, there are a number of optional modules which can be installed in the CMS that allow you to customize the functions that you need. You may choose from any of the following:

Add or change information about your company, news, events, or create messages for your clients.

Add, change or create picture galleries and upload video.

Answer customers' questions, create FAQ lists and receive feedback from them.

Sell your products or services through your website, easily update your product catalog, get orders online, provide your visitors with convenient tools such as personal profile and member login.

You can choose only certain functions that you really need and are vital to your core business. If necessary all the functions can be modified and/or customized according to your specific requirements.

Use your website as an advertising tool with the help of banners, teasers, etc.

Conduct your own surveys, customer polls.

Hire new employees by adding information about job opportunities with your company.

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